Why I recommend a brand photoshoot.

My number one reason is to build confidence. Not only confidence in yourself but in your business. Now I am not saying you need to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on a professional photographer but I know firsthand how this will benefit your business in the long run. It also helps to pick a photographer that will hype you up and make you feel like a million bucks. If you’re wondering if it’s really worth it just think of all the other businesses out there and how you will show up next to them. You’re going to want to make sure you get notices first.

Professional photography is not only going to get you noticed but will help set you apart. Firstly it shows you are taking your business seriously. If you aren’t ready to invest in yourself why would other people? Again it’s no guarantee but having images that showcase who you are, your unique brand, and your story will allow you to sets yourself apart from the rest of your competitors. Your photos can help you connect with your ideal clients and build a sense of trust as they get to know you through your brand photos. It can set you up to succeed and grow but not only that. Photography is going to benefit you in more ways than you might think. 

Ever look at a photo on a website and wonder where you have seen it before or if you are having Deja Vu? Sometimes stock photos get reused multiple times and it can confuse people. The worst is when it’s a direct competitor using the same photos. I am not bashing stock photos. I believe there is a time and place for them.  Especially if you are just starting your brand and business journey. I listed a few places I like to get stock photos when I need them here. However, if you can invest in professional photos, I do believe the investment is worth it.

Here’s an example some people might not even think of. Stock photos have licenses that give you the right to do or not do with the photos. One day you get sued because you used a photo in your business and didn’t realize you couldn’t share the photo in a product you sold because the license only covered certain uses. Crazy to think but it is something to consider as copyright infringement issues can be very costly. At least when the photos are yours you can’t get in trouble.

Having quality on-brand content will not only make it easier to share but can save you hours of your life searching for stock photos that will fit the exact aesthetic you are trying to portray. Staying consistent is hard when the stock photos come from different sources. Consistency is key in business as people know what to expect from you. It helps build strong connections and trust. This goes way past social media but nowadays the focus is mainly on social media. Almost every business is expected to show up online. If you lack an online presence you will get judged. Imagine you went shopping online at a store and the photos looked unprofessional, you would be skeptical of the shop and probably not want to buy from them. The same thing can be said of a business with off-brand photos. When you compare the cost of professional photography to the potential loss of business due to lack of investment in their online presence is it really that much? The peace of mind of knowing you invested in yourself and your business and its shows will outweigh any doubts and why I recommend investing in professional photography as soon as you can. 

So to recap why I invested and suggest businesses do.

Build confidence

First Impression/ Get noticed

Telling your unique story

Staying consistent to build connections and trust

Saving time and stress 

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