Our Showit Love Story

Why We Love Showit for Designing Websites.

Firstly, let me just say. I have tried basically every option, including Squarespace, Shopify, Etsy(shout out to the handcrafting individuals), Wix, and WordPress. The word genesis literally brings back nightmares. If you are lucky enough not to know what I mean by the genesis framework count yourself lucky.

Skip forward to SHOWIT. The ultimate website builder for Creative People. But not only creative people. It’s for you! If you want something.


I’m talking Drag and Drop. EASY. If you want something on the left, move it there. If you want it on the right, move it there. There are no limits and no confusing coding needed. You don’t have to feel trapped that you can’t do something yourself. You also don’t need to sacrifice your first brown hiring someone to do it. It’s also super easy to learn with their videos and help documents. The Showit team has a 30 min video to get you going. I also have a course coming to teach you everything I know. 


The Showit platform has some amazing features that save you plenty of time including copy-and-paste features, duplicating pages, Lining up objects, texts, etc. with one click. By far my fav is the option to resize multiple things at once. Lastly in the design settings, you can make a font change once and it changes on every page same as site canvases. Site canvases are the most amazing feature. You update the canvas once and it updates throughout the whole website literally saving you hours. ALSO, did I mention the undo button? Let’s say you changed something on your site and you didn’t like it. Just undo it. It is really that simple.


The Showit support team is beyond helpful. They are always there when you need help. They are by far the best team out there. Their whole community is about supporting each other. They also offer free migration on certain plans so you can switch from any platform easily. They also offer plenty of helpful videos and documents so you never have to worry about getting stuck somewhere.


Showit offers the most seamless integrations. One of my favorite ones is adding your contact forms, opt-ins, and more. My absolute fav integration is Kartra, for pretty emails, shop products and courses. Curious about Kartra? There will be a post coming. Secondly, you can add your eCommerce products through buy buttons. Shopify, Kartra , Thrivecart, or podia offers buttons you can easily ad by using embed codes. This is great for small businesses that don’t need to sell a lot of products. If you’re selling lots of products I would probably recommend Shopify.


Let’s be honest, we’re all scrolling on our phones. You’re probably reading this post on your phone. We consume almost all our content on mobile. We even buy groceries, clothes, and basically everything else from our phones. Thanks, Amazon.  Most people are doing everything on their phones. Showit ensures the mobile version of your website is perfect. You can easily customize your mobile version. You can ensure the picture on the desktop looks just as good on mobile. Mobile can even look completely different from desktop. Unlimited customizable freedom.


Showit makes blogging easy. You get pretty-looking posts but they use the WordPress backend so you get the best SEO for your website. You can easily add meta descriptions, alt text for images, and keywords for each page. You still get to use awesome blogging plugins like Yoast. 

Not sure what I am talking about. Don’t worry, there will be more posts to help you learn.

If you skimmed and just want the quick facts. We love Showit because :

  1. Easy to learn
  2. Easy to use
  3. Gives unlimited Creative freedom.
  4. Allows for Mobile Customization. 
  5. Their support team is awesome
  6. You get to still blog with wordpress

If you have any questions just shoot me a DM or email.

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